There is the end to even the darkest of periods”- 17-23 May 2020

·        #Turns “There is no opportunity for side-stepping certain journeys. It is one that you and everyone else would have to see through to the necessary destination”- 17052020
·        #Turns “For a long while now, every other day has felt like the same. It could become the new normal”- Joseph Amenaghawon_18052020
·        #Turns “Periods of uncertainties could be perplexing, but this shouldn’t diminish hope in us”-Joseph Amenaghawon_19052020
·        “The alternative truths out there these days can only help to reinforce your own truths, if you ever did believe”-Joseph Amenaghawon_ 20052020
·        #Turns “Often people are so overwhelmed by the stress of the challenges they face, that they can’t grasp the opportunities for growth that these same challenges could be offering them”- Joseph Amenaghawon_21052020
·        #Turns “Free yourself from the trappings of the moment, so that you can grasp the essence of the full picture” – Joseph Amenaghawon _22052020
·        #Turns “Wildfires devastate and cause immense damages, but these burn out eventually. Storms also cease after a while. There is the end to even the darkest of periods”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 23052020

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