#GoodThing “Many things appear to make sense. But not everything is right”- 30 June – 06 July 2019

• #GoodThing “Cherish what you’ve got. Be grateful for life.”-Joseph Amenaghawon_30062019 • #GoodThing “It’s a good thing to act in the interest of all. It’s dignifying to support worthy causes.”-Joseph

#Focus “Quit playing waiting games with your tasks.” 24-29 June 2019

• #Focus “Put it down in writing as clearly as you understand it. Your learning starts there. Grasp and absorb the experiences and interactions that life offers you.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_23062019

#NotRight “Subjectivity rarely changes the truth” -16-22 June 2019

• #NotRight “Subjectivity rarely changes the truth. Often, objectivity affirms what’s unhidden and plain for all to see. The truth isn’t to be ignored”- Joseph Amenaghawon_16062019 • #NotRight “Being wrong

#Dots “You can make it happen” 09- 15 June 2019

• #Dots “Pinpoint the little but significant issues that you need to deal with. Design and follow a plan to progressively sort these out.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_09062019 • #Dots “You can

•#Stay “The next step is to take a step back to rethink and regroup

#Stay “Your goals in life might remain the same. But the routes to realizing these might require changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviors”-Joseph Amenaghawon_02062019 #Stay “Sometimes the next step is

#Faith “Not all the answers to the questions you raise would sound convincing” -26-31 May, 01 June 2019

• #Faith “What works for you – is your belief. It’s that simple? “- Joseph Amenaghawon_26052019 • #Faith “Facts could perplex. Hope could seem unrealistic. But faith finds a way.”-

#Trust “Deal with the ‘trust issues’ you might have with others” 19-25 May 2019

• #Trust “Trustworthiness is not bestowable. It’s a reputation of yours that people will have to tangibly experience.”-Joseph Amenaghawon_19052019 • #Trust “Deal with the ‘trust issues’ you might have with