There is the end to even the darkest of periods”- 17-23 May 2020

·        #Turns “There is no opportunity for side-stepping certain journeys. It is one that you and everyone else would have to see through to the necessary destination”- 17052020   ·       

#Knots “Sometimes the truth is unexpectedly exposed and everything changes” -10-16 May 2020

#Knots “It’s nothing like you’ve experienced before, but it could be easier to grasp if you don’t become afraid”-Joseph Amenaghawon _10052020 #Knots “In the end, the true colors of things

#Option “The truth is often known”- 03-09 May 2020

#Option “It’s not over yet. Do not forget that. Stay alert “- Joseph Amenaghawon_03052020 #Option “Don’t forget to care about yourself too as you go about caring for others “-

#Wait “Don’t feed the fears out there” -26-30 April, 01-02 May 2020

#Wait “You can’t push against what isn’t in your power to control”- Joseph Amenaghawon_26042020 #Wait “Don’t forget how to be kind even in the most austere and uncertain of times”-

#Cost “This is not the time to be inattentive”- 19-25 April 2020

#Cost “There could be a lot more that is unclear and unknown yet. This is not the time to be inattentive”- Joseph Amenaghawon_19042020 #Cost “The wait for the way out

#Hope “This is not the time to be afraid”- 12-18 April 2020

#Hope “We are not without hope” – Joseph Amenaghawon_12042020 #Hope “The sense of the certainty of hope should keep you going”-Joseph Amenaghawon _13042020 #Hope “Life will always work out answers

#TheTimes “Some situations would require you to be in the frontlines”- 05-11 April 2020

#TheTimes  “When the dust settles, you’ll have to come to terms with all you did while the crisis lasted “- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 05042020 #TheTimes “Apparently simple things can be distorted