#Decline “Making snap judgments shouldn’t be your thing.“ 24-28 February, 01-02 March 2019

• #Decline “Making snap judgments shouldn’t be your thing.” – Joseph Amenaghawon_24022019

• #Decline “Falling for the ‘what’s going to be will be’ talk might just be an avoidance strategy or the easy path to follow option. Do you really have to give up so easily? “-Joseph Amenaghawon_25022019

• #Decline “Some situations might become extremely complex and difficult to follow. It’s no time to make sweeping statements.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_26022019

• #Decline “Your subjectivity cannot override the truth. Perceptions cannot replace plain truths. Being objective adds no new layer to the truth.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_27022019

• #Decline “Sometimes it’s probably best not to be overly perplexed by the ‘irrational’ choices of others “- Joseph Amenaghawon_28022019

• #Decline “There are things you can’t in all fairness choose not to engage with. It doesn’t seem right to disengage from certain things.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_01032019

• #Decline “Unburden yourself. You are not likely to easily figure out why people’s attitudes change especially towards you. Sometimes they need to tell you face to face.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_02032019


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