March 2019

#CallOut “Call out your mental toughness” – 17-23 March 2019

• #CallOut “You might be the one to call out someone very close to you. It might be the wake-up call they greatly need.”-Joseph Amenaghawon_17032019 • #CallOut “Dig deep. Call

#ThisTime “This time, you need not delay” 10-16 March 2019

• #ThisTime “This time, you need not delay. Make that decision and take action.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_10032019 • #ThisTime “Gentle reminder: Focus on maximally using the time life offers to advance

#Decline “Making snap judgments shouldn’t be your thing.“ 24-28 February, 01-02 March 2019

• #Decline “Making snap judgments shouldn’t be your thing.” – Joseph Amenaghawon_24022019 • #Decline “Falling for the ‘what’s going to be will be’ talk might just be an avoidance strategy

#Contexts “Check yourself too. Observe how you react to situations” 03-09 March 2019

• #Contexts “Always better to understand the background of the issues of concern to you “- Joseph Amenaghawon_03032019 • #Contexts “Even if you know the ‘true’ stories about the realities