January 2019

#But “Get your facts right. Understand the contexts”- 20-26 January 2019

• #But “Get your facts right. Understand the contexts. But still don’t turn yourself into a judge.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_20012019 • #But “All around you there are opportunities to do remarkable

#NewRules “Stay out of trouble” 13-19 January 2019

  • #NewRules “You don’t have to avoid the hard road(s). You might have to create new rules for engaging with different spaces too. Focus on disciplining yourself too.”- Joseph

#Filters “Create the strategic filters” – 06-12 January 2019

• #Filters “Create the necessary filters to process what you hear, read and see. Aim not to advance untruths “- Joseph Amenaghawon_06012019 • #Filters “Isolate the irrelevancies that could pop

#GoAhead “Set out your plans” 30-31 December 2018, 01-05 January 2019

• #GoAhead “Your ‘carry-over’ list into 2019 should definitely not consist of needless baggage. Choose wisely.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_30122018 • #GoAhead “The journey of life continues even though today is the