#See “Quietly and responsibly go about your roles” – 19-25 June 2022

• #See “Quietly and responsibly go about the roles you play in people’s lives rather than being boastful about such”- 19062022

• #See “Be mindful of irrelevant but easily realizable goals that could distract you from focusing wholly on your most crucial goal at a given time” – Joseph Amenaghawon _20062022

• #See “More will be demanded of you from those who believe you are capable and have also experienced your demonstration of this”- Joseph Amenaghawon _21062022

• #See “Check your reactions to criticism targeted at you. You could just be affirming the truth in them “- Joseph Amenaghawon _22062022

• #See “Everything seems possible, but learn to make the rational choices” -Joseph Amenaghawon _23062022

• #See “Mistakes made could cost you much. But you should learn to pick the lessons from these”- Joseph Amenaghawon _24062022

• #See “It is needless and often a waste of time to keep up appearances”- Joseph Amenaghawon _25062022

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