#Rare “Follow your instincts and make that next bold move”-18-24 July 2021

  • #Rare “Half-hearted efforts will not bring the results you dream of”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 18072021
  • #Rare “It is going to happen sooner than you have ever imagined” – Joseph Amenaghawon_ 19072021
  • #Rare “Follow your instincts and make that next bold move”– Joseph Amenaghawon_ 20072021
  • #Rare “Being inflexible about your goals is reflective of the clarity of purpose you have”- 21072021
  • #Rare “Being set in your ways when it comes to your set goals sets you apart”- 22072021
  • #Rare “Recognizing the complexity of an issue is perhaps the first step to coming to terms with what needs to be done” _23072021
  • #Rare “If you do not feel convinced, then hold back”- 24072021

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