#Out “It is not getting easier for anyone”- 30-31 August, 01-05 September 2020

  • #Out “The places you go to will shape the types of bridges you build in relating with other people” -Joseph Amenaghawon _30082020
  • #Out “Learn not to cross the boundaries between you and others, no matter how blurred these look” -Joseph Amenaghawon _31082020
  • #Out “Open-mindedness and renew enthusiasm are crucial to starting anything anew”-Joseph Amenaghawon_01092020
  • #Out “You hurt not just yourself but everyone around you when you neglect being responsible”-Joseph Amenaghawon_02092020
  • #Out “It is not getting easier for anyone. Everyone is pushing hard against new odds”-03092020_Joseph Amenaghawon
  • #Out “Not all things can be situated within present realities”-Joseph Amenaghawon _04092020
  • #Out “Sometimes you can see through the pretenses around you and grasp newer truths about people”-Joseph Amenaghawon _05092020

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