#Mend “Do not be peripheral”- 13-19 December 2020

  • #Mend “Do not ignore the lessons from your past experiences”- Joseph Amenaghawon_13122020
  • #Mend “Dig as much as you can into an issue, but be mindful of the judgments you make on your findings”-Joseph Amenaghawon_ 14122020
  • #Mend “Being peripheral about things is limiting. There are often deeper angles to a lot of things”-Joseph Amenaghawon _15122020
  • #Mend “Even for the common good, do not assume that everyone else would do the right thing”- Joseph Amenaghawon_16122020
  • #Mend “Perhaps it is time to quit being afraid of doing things differently”- Joseph Amenaghawon_17122020
  • #Mend “When you think it is over, something happens, and it could be a huge surprise”- Joseph Amenaghawon_18122020
  • #Mend “If you can always see what is going on around you, you would most often be able to take the right next step- Joseph Amenaghawon_19122020

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