#Fate “What’s coming is already on its way”- 29-31 March, 01-04 April 2020

  • #Fate “Take careful note of what you think has already been decided. Nothing seems certain these days “- Joseph Amenaghawon_29032020
  • #Fate “It’s not always going to be right. You won’t always be able to make sense of everything”- Joseph Amenaghawon_30032020
  • #Fate “Most times it’s not worth it. It’s pointless contesting your reputation with those who have nothing to lose” – Joseph Amenaghawon _31032020
  • #Fate “Not knowing anything about a new situation doesn’t diminish your being knowledgeable. Learn to be open to learning new things “-Joseph Amenaghawon_01042020
  • #Fate “Don’t overthink things. Sometimes what’s going to be is going to be. The outcomes would be what it will be.” – Joseph Amenaghawon _02042020
  • #Fate “There are beginnings that have nothing to do with you. The endings to these beginnings could also end up having nothing to do with you”- Joseph Amenaghawon _03042020
  • #Fate “What’s coming is already on its way. “-Joseph Amenaghawon_04042020

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