#Unlock “There is never a time to quit pushing for what is just”- 11-17 October 2020

#Unlock “Free yourself of the misconceptions you could still be holding on to” – Joseph Amenaghawon_11102020 #Unlock “The end of anything does not take away the history it created”- Joseph

#Be “Change your disposition towards ‘toxic’ people. Let them be”- 04-10 October 2020

#Be “For a lot of people, recognition matters. Do not look down on anyone”- Joseph Amenaghawon_04102020 “Leverage on the fresh breath of life that each new day brings and live

#Sides “It is never too much – pushing yourself to be better”- 27-30 September, 01-03 October 2020

#Sides “An entirely different story could be told by the other side of the story”- Joseph Amenaghawon _27092020 #Sides “Step far away sometimes to refresh and get better perspectives to

#Shifts “Quit playing catch up with everything you do. Focus on using your time wisely” – 20-26 September 2020

#Shifts “There is no exclusivity to vulnerability. Making your vulnerabilities the center of all your talks is self-serving” – Joseph Amenaghawon _20092020 #Shifts “Work more on getting things right. Poor

#Will “Mind Your Emotions” -06-12 September 2020

#Will “More than ever before, more is expected of you at this time”- Joseph Amenaghawon_06092020 #Will “Mind your emotions. Take control”- Joseph Amenaghawon_07092020 #Will “Your mind drives all your actions