May 2022

#Last “Find your place and make it a good place to be”- 15-21 May 2022

• #Last “Things can happen rapidly and still leave you in a good place”- Joseph Amenaghawon _ 15052022 • #Last “Where you are and how you situate yourself in it

#Flow “You are your truest and deepest self in your alone times”- 08-13 May 2022

• #Flow “Seek clarity, think through things and ask the relevant questions as often as you can”- 08052022 • #Flow “You cannot keep fueling your fears and in the same

#Stir “While you are where you are at this time, live your life as best as you can”-01-07 May 2022

• #Stir “Crosscheck your quest for more of what you already have”- Joseph Amenaghawon _01052022 • #Stir “Sometimes certain types of opportunities are best taken and utilized at specific times

#Stay “Quit working yourself into difficult situations”-24-30 April 2022

• #Stay “You are unlikely to experience more than your outlook to life projects”- Joseph Amenaghawon _ 24042022 • #Stay “No matter how far your thoughts wander or how faraway

#Fire “Rarely do things happen by chance”- 17-23 April 2022

• #Fire “There is often no way of backing out of a seemingly irreversible or time sensitive decision”- Joseph Amenaghawon _17042022 • #Fire “Shield yourself from becoming susceptible to the