March 2022

#Any “Understand the truth and make sense of the lessons it teaches”-20-26 March 2022

• #Any “Any choice you make and act on, will bring the results and outcomes necessary”- Joseph Amenaghawon _20032022 • #Any “You do not have to speak about everything you

#Calm “There could be a lot for you to unlearn. It is all part of your growth”- 13-19 March 2022

• #Calm “False narratives appear to be trendy and spread fast these days. Be mindful of this”- Joseph Amenaghawon _ 13032022 • #Calm “Your being predictable, will not work for

#Days “Use your energy wisely, not on regrets and dwelling on missed opportunities”- 06-12 March 2022

• #Days “You can put things right. You can start all over. You can rebuild and fix that which is broken” – Joseph Amenaghawon_06032022 • #Days “Use your energy wisely,

#Warm “Quit looking only for feel good narratives”- 27-28 February, 01- 05 March 2022

• #Warm “Be enthusiastic, but do not get ahead of yourself, so you do not miss out of the good around you”- Joseph Amenaghawon_27022022 • #Warm “Be decisive about your