August 2021

#Spin “Not wanting to be judged by others could possibly leave you living just to please others”- 22-28 August 2021

#Spin “No matter how much time and effort goes into spinning a story, the truth comes out at the end”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 22082021 #Spin “Do not just raise people’s hopes,

#Waves “Today’s certainties could become tomorrow’s incomplete truths”-15-21 August 2021

#Waves “Respect people’s choices. Quit trying to lead other people’s lives too” – 15082021 #Waves “Soon, very soon, you would get a better grasp of what you have to deal

#Deal “Being kind to people does not erode your being”- 08-14 August 2021

#Deal “Staying true to what you know best is often your best bet” – Joseph Amenaghawon_ 08082021 “The big picture might be eluding you because you are too focused on

#Best “It is not always going to be the results you want but what needs to happen will”-01-07 August 2021

#Best “Jump on the opportunity to rebuild and fix that which has long been broken” – Joseph Amenaghawon_ 01082021 #Best “Live your life as best you can. Let others live

#Feels “Being strong does not equate to doing things all by yourself”- 25-31 July 2021

#Feels “Speak sensibly and perhaps with fewer words” – Joseph Amenaghawon_ 25072021 #Feels “Get involved; be involved in working your plans to fruition”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 26072021 #Feels “Being self-effacing is