July 2021

#Rare “Follow your instincts and make that next bold move”-18-24 July 2021

#Rare “Half-hearted efforts will not bring the results you dream of”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 18072021 #Rare “It is going to happen sooner than you have ever imagined” – Joseph Amenaghawon_ 19072021

#Pure “Do not quit believing. Keep rekindling hope”- 11-17 July 2021

#Pure “This is a journey; always remember that and keep sight of the destination”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 11072021 #Pure “You never know with certain situations. So, keep an open mind”- Joseph

#Miles “The truth might not be what you are expecting”- 04-10 July 2021

#Miles “The truth might not be what you are expecting”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 04072021 #Miles “You have said too much and done too much. Take a breather” – Joseph Amenaghawon_ 05072021

#Fire “Dare to be different; different enough to see the differentness of others too”- 27-30 June, 01-03 July 2021

#Fire “What you do not know and wish to know could grow into a relentless quest with time”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 27062021 #Fire “If it does not happen now, it would

#Fly “Frame your words with clarity and use context to deepen your opinion”-20-26 June 2021

#Fly “The difference you make comes from your applying yourself uniquely to your purpose and tasks”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 20062021 #Fly “Recognizing your potential is one thing. Reaching the heights that