July 2020

#Plus “Create the moments that will take you through the years”- 19-25 July 2020

#Plus “Your intentions could be clear but misread by others. People’s sensitivities are not so plain to grasp”- Joseph Amenaghawon_19072020 #Plus “Sometimes the unexpected happens to teach us that things

#Be “Understand contexts”- 12-18 July 2020

#Be “Acting saintly will not equate being true to yourself and living your life as humanly possible as you can”- Joseph Amenaghawon _12072020 #Be “Understand contexts. Avoid jumping to conclusions”-

#Less “Life defines you in your own words”- 05-11 July 2020

#Less “Keep in mind the truths of the stories to everything you have experienced”- Joseph Amenaghawon _05072020 #Less “It helps no one and leaves critical issues unresolved if ignoring to

#Yearn “There is no perfect time to use your strengths to raise others. Every time is your time to do this”- 28-30 June, 01-04 July 2020

#Yearn “The transient nature of power should guide how you wield the powers of your position of authority”-Joseph Amenaghawon _28062020 #Yearn “Sometimes, the words you hear at a given time

#Why “The path to redemption is rarely smooth”- 21-27 June 2020

#Why “The truth upsets many because the truth often soothes nobody, but points to the lowest times and most painful failures of peoples’ lives”- Joseph Amenaghawon _21062020 #Why “The path

#You “It is not always going to be about you”- 14-20 June 2020

#You “In the toughest of times, when there is nowhere else to go and no one else to turn to, resilience will have to be you”- Joseph Amenaghawon_14062020 #You “When