#Most-Must “Build up your self-trust” – 26-30 June, 01-02 July 2022

• #Most “Build up your self-trust. You need yourself most” – Joseph Amenaghawon _26062022 • #Most “Your outlook to life will shape your interests and your experiences will be offshoots

#See “Quietly and responsibly go about your roles” – 19-25 June 2022

• #See “Quietly and responsibly go about the roles you play in people’s lives rather than being boastful about such”- 19062022 • #See “Be mindful of irrelevant but easily realizable

#Fix “Matching realities and expectations” -12-18 June 2022

• #Fix “You might have walked similar paths with others and shared similar stories on your journeys, but your lives would always be different” – Joseph Amenaghawon _12062022 • #Fix

#Face “Going at your own pace also requires attentiveness to time”- 05-11 June 2022

• #Face “Value yourself more”- Joseph Amenaghawon _05062022 • #Face “Keep hope alive even if you have not gotten the final word on that big chase of yours” – Joseph

#Win “Complicated situations can be carefully disentangled”-29-31 May, 01-04 June 2022

• #Win “Sometimes, people give to you from the depths of their hearts, often times, it’s from all they have and it is not necessary for it to meet your

#Stay “Have the most influence on yourself. Lead yourself”-22- 28 May 2022

• #Stay “Keep aiming for the best”- Joseph Amenaghawon _ 22052022 • #Stay “Probe your doubts so you do not lose sight of the bigger picture” – Joseph Amenaghawon _

#Last “Find your place and make it a good place to be”- 15-21 May 2022

• #Last “Things can happen rapidly and still leave you in a good place”- Joseph Amenaghawon _ 15052022 • #Last “Where you are and how you situate yourself in it