#Cut “Own your truths”- 09-15 January 2022

• #Cut “Make your decisions timely. Cut down delaying”- Joseph Amenaghawon_09012022 • #Cut “Follow your own paths. Limit jumping on the bandwagon “-Joseph Amenaghawon_ 10012022 • #Cut “Do not rule

#Be Be committed to grooming your mind, so you would be ready for whatever comes”-02-08 January 2022

• #Be “Dare to take more risks. Leave your comfort zones”- Joseph Amenaghawon_02012022 • #Be “Be unapologetic about your goals. Give your all to your goals”- Joseph Amenaghawon_03012022 • #Be

#Last “Moving on in life is also about leaving a whole lot behind”- 26-31 December 2021, 01 January 2022

• #Last “There is always something you can wholeheartedly give to others” – 26122021 • #Last “Made up stories will certainly unravel someday”- – Joseph Amenaghawon_27122021 • #Last “Change is

#Gift “People rarely forget the moments with the most impact in their lives”- 19-25 December 2021

• #Gift “Patiently waiting for things to take shape pays off” – Joseph Amenaghawon_19122021 • #Gift “Express gratitude in your life for life at all times”- Joseph Amenaghawon_20122021 • #Gift

#Sky “Reality never fails to set in”- 12-18 December 2021

• #Sky “Always show up for yourself, your values and beliefs” – Joseph Amenaghawon_ 12122021 • #Sky “Sometimes with more patience, you would get to learn more and get deeper

#Ties “All feelings have consequences”- 05-11 December 2021

• #Ties “All feelings have consequences”- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 05122021 • #Ties “Keep things simple and do not complicate things for yourself or for others “- Joseph Amenaghawon_ 06122021 • #Ties

#Now “It is not too late to come to terms with your realities”-28-30 November, 01-04 December 2021

• #Now “Take a deeper look at things”- Joseph Amenaghawon_28112021 • #Now “Sometimes decisions you take are solely in your own interest. Other times, you focus on others and collective