#Real “Some choices seem irreversible”- 14-19 April 2019

• #Real “Some choices seem irreversible. It could be that everything you’ve upheld and become known for will be at risk if you choose to follow new paths. But what if new knowledge is ‘redefining’ all that you believe?”- Joseph Amenaghawon_14042019

• #Real “You might see things differently from people around you. You might be fond of debating every issue possible. But you might end up not being right about things.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_15042019

• #Real “You can learn to have a calm disposition too. You’ll always be better off being levelheaded especially in periods of conflicts and delicate emotions.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_16042019

• #Real “Give more attention to the spaces you interact with. Evaluate the value-add of these spaces to your growth. Do you really have to be involved with all?”- Joseph Amenaghawon_18042019

• #Real “It can happen again. You must have experienced the force of personal determination and the results it brings. Don’t give up”- Joseph Amenaghawon_17042019

• #Real “Be self-assured about why you are in that crowd. Be clear that you are not simply jumping on the bandwagon or being pulled in by the crowd mentality effect.”-Joseph Amenaghawon_19042019

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