#Pick “Consistency makes the difference and sets you apart” 31 March, 01-06 April 2019

• #Pick “You’ve got to keep aiming at picking the value-adding perspectives. You’ve got to be consistent in choosing what guides you“- Joseph Amenaghawon_31032019

• #Pick “Choose to keep playing your part in working out the realization of your life goals”- Joseph Amenaghawon_01042019

• #Pick “You can deliberately choose to completely do things right too.” – Joseph Amenaghawon_02042019

• #Pick “Some decisions can be tough and fraught with risks. Be ready to also manage the possibility of failure.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_03042019

• #Pick “The core set of attitudes and behaviors that you adopt will continue to influence the outcomes you experience and your adaptability to different situations in life”- Joseph Amenaghawon_04042019

• #Pick “Consistency makes the difference and sets you apart. You’ll be better known for that which you’ve really become consistently good at.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_05042019

• #Pick “Consider focusing on fixing things going forward rather than trying to fix the past.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_06042019

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