#Focus “Quit playing waiting games with your tasks.” 24-29 June 2019

• #Focus “Put it down in writing as clearly as you understand it. Your learning starts there. Grasp and absorb the experiences and interactions that life offers you.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_23062019

• #Focus “You can’t retrieve time. So, quit playing waiting games with your tasks.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_24062019

• #Focus “Envisioned outcomes don’t always happen even from well executed plans. But pick the lessons from the journey.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_25062019

• #Focus “Be modest about your grasp of things. Perhaps, there is still so much you need to learn about life.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_26062019

• #Focus “The past isn’t just about you. But it’s a way bigger and complex reality. The future isn’t shaped solely by your past experiences “- Joseph Amenaghawon_27062019

• #Focus “Don’t make light of uncompleted or disrupted tasks. It’s not a trend to become comfortable with.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_28062019

• #Focus “Be clear about the rationale for your actions or inaction. But don’t be closed-minded. Rethinking your ways isn’t non-progressive.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_29062019

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