#But “Get your facts right. Understand the contexts”- 20-26 January 2019

• #But “Get your facts right. Understand the contexts. But still don’t turn yourself into a judge.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_20012019

• #But “All around you there are opportunities to do remarkable things.”-Joseph Amenaghawon_21012019

• #But “The unavailability of reasonable alternatives does not validate making poor choices and hurried decisions.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_22012019

• #But “Sometimes the least experienced person speaks convincingly about a given issue. Take advantage of the opportunities around you to learn and become more enlightened.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_23012019

• #But “Sometimes it seems difficult to accept that in life what you give, you will get back. But it’s just the way it is. You’ve got to always keep this in focus.”- Joseph Amenaghawon_24012019

• #But “What have you gotten good at? This is where you want to remain? Open to challenging yourself to be different?”-Joseph Amenaghawon_25012019

• #But “Jumping on the bandwagon to condemn the actions of others is not an irresistible choice. But being thorough in reaching your conclusions is the bigger choice you have to make. “- Joseph Amenaghawon_26012019

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